journal of a self proclaimed beer connoisseur

Beer Glassware 2.0

Alright, I have finally found a store in Edmonton that will sell me various beer glassware at reasonable prices. And I mean very reasonable. They are called Russell Foods. – check their site out.

If they have a location in your city or you are from Edmonton you should pay them a visit. They had a very classy showroom with all glasses on display. I was able to just grab the floor model, bring it to a salesperson, and wait. Then they priced out each glass.

I was able to buy approximately 30 glasses for about $90. Your standard pub glass is $1.25!

To compare, building this order on that Pub Glasses website would have cost about $200 to ship to Canada.

It feels good to finally have found a retailer to fill this need. The only thing I found very odd was that they did not have a respectable wheat beer glass! Very puzzling…


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