journal of a self proclaimed beer connoisseur

Fridge raid

This page will be updated to give everyone a virtual peek inside my beer fridge. I’ll try to update it whenever the contents change substantially. These may be rare items I’ve hunted down and purchased or the leftovers of a recent party. Thou beer snobs shalt not judge.

Beer Brewery Link
Rosé De Gambrinus Cantillon Click me
Yellow Snow IPA Rogue Click me
Kaffe Stout Raasted Click me
Dunkel Raasted Click me
Buur Raasted Click me
Niels Ebbesen Raasted Click me
Rug IPA Raasted Click me
Noire du Chambly Unibroue Click me
Don de Dieu Unibroue Click me
Trois Pistoles Unibroue Click me
Maudite Unibroue Click me
La Fin du Monde Unibroue Click me
ESB Fuller’s Click me
Blonde Innis & Gunn Click me
Steam Beer Anchor Click me
Tripel Westmalle Click me
Dubbel Westmalle Click me
Black Asahi Click me
Ichiban Kirin Click me
Banana Bread Beer Well’s Click me
Becks Becks Click me
Baltika 3 Baltika Click me

Wouldn’t a fridge like this be nice?

Beer Fridge of my dreams


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