journal of a self proclaimed beer connoisseur

Beer Tasting – Unibroue Night

I am planning a beer tasting night on February 5, 2011 with 4 of my closest friends and fellow beer lovers.

Really the night will just be a hang out time with the guys but we are going to make the beer drinking center around beers from Unibroue and share our thoughts on each one. I sent a list to everyone to choose their top 5 picks. I’ll tally the votes up and see which 5 have the most. Check back after February 5th and I’ll post my review on each of them.  You can see a quick summary after the jump or go to to check them out.

These were the beers we have to choose from:

Blanche du Chambly





Noire du Chambly

Belgian-style Black Ale




Éphémère Apple

White Ale brewed with apple




Éphémère Cassis

White Ale brewed with fruit




La Fin du Monde

Triple-style Golden Ale





Strong Amber-Red Ale




Trois Pistoles

Abbey Style Strong Dark Ale




Don de Dieu

Triple Wheat Ale



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