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Chatoe Rogue

When I reviewed Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager recently, I completely forgot to talk about what Chatoe Rogue is and how it relates to Rogue.

Chatoe Rogue is a line of Rogue beers that have been produced using ingredients that Rogue has grown themselves. That means the grains and hops were grown on the farm(s) owned by Rogue.

They label these beers with “GYO” for Grow Your Own which is a movement supporting that very idea.

It all started sometime within the past few years when there was a hop shortage in the market. The brewery was basically ashamed at the thought of telling their brew master, John Maier, to cut back on his hop habit. So, in response, they started growing their own.

The hops were so successful that they expanded into barley.

From the one beer I have had I can say it sure seems to be working!


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