journal of a self proclaimed beer connoisseur

Beer Tracking

In 2009 my wife and I spent 7 weeks in Europe spanning August and September. This was so painfully close to Oktoberfest that they were already setting the tents up. Unfortunately, that was as close as we got – besides getting “ein krug” of beer from each of the six approved brewers everywhere we went in Munich.

During our time in Europe I took as many opportunities as I could (while balancing “other” priorities) to sample any and all beers I could find. In a feat of prophetic genius I accurately predicted that I would forget about all these beers if I didn’t have pictures. I endeavored to snap a picture of each new beer. I was not 100% successful but I did get some.

I now have decided that tracking every beer I ever drink should be a priority in my life. Last night this culminated in one of the nerdiest things I have ever done (there have been many). I built a Beer Tracking database in MS Access from scratch.

I have a Management Information Systems Minor which required me to take a couple of courses on databases in University. This is the first time it has proved useful.

So thanks to this nerdgasm I can now add information on Beers, Breweries, Beer Styles and Countries to my database and link them all together. I built it so the flag for the source country of the beer and the beer itself appear as a picture. The fun part is going to be going back through my pictures in Europe and identifying the beers to add to my log.

I haven’t decided if I will go back and add all the beers I can remember. Or if I will only add the ones I drink going forward. Chances are I will add beers I don’t anticipate having the chance to drink again.

I can only imagine anyone reading this is laughing at my expense and making fun of me (I know my wife did). You want to know the funny thing about teasing me about building this? If you are another beer lover reading this…you probably want a blank copy.


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